Cute Heart CupcakesHey girls, I want to introduce you a new cooking game!
Here you can test your cooking skills and also have fun in the kitchen. It’s very important to know how to cook some recipes and the most important are dessert so today we are going to prepare a delicious cupcakes recipe…with a little love on the top.
Cute Heart Cupcakes is my favorite dessert, it’s sweet but not too much, it contains cream and also marzipan.
Let’s see how it’s made: first we have to purchase the ingredients, then to prepare, mix and bake a the dough.
At the end you have to create little heart shapes for decoration.
Good luck and enjoy!
Use mouse to play this cooking game.[id]http://games.mochiads.com/c/g/cute-heart-cupcakes/cute_heart_cupcakes_m.swf?affiliate_id=4cef20d9623f787d[/id]
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