Elephant Care and Dress UpMeet the prettiest elephant in the whole wide world! Elephant princess was playing with jungle animals and got all smudgy. Take care, shower and dress up this cutie. Awesome fun guaranteed!
-More than 10 different care and dress-up mini-games!
-Tap birds and flies to get some space for the princess makeover!
-Bath time goes first: grab a sponge and cover the elephant in sweet-scented bubbles!
-Spray some water and complete the shower fun!
-Paint the elephant princess blue!
-Create eye-catching makeup with glamorous eyelashes. Purple color rocks!
-Don’t forget to use pink nail polish for the classy look!
-Add more colours to make lady elephant look stunning!
-Decorate the charming elephant princess with flowers and dress up in lovely clothes!
-Restart and make the cute elephant look like a real princess again!