Memory LightningMemory is a supercharged lightning memory that will boost your memory! with the help of Memory boy, your coach, you can play 4 Memory Games with a completely new approche.You have few time to memorize the grid. And that changes everything !
- for tablet and phone devices
- a "classic memory game" (12-42 boxes)
- an "expert game" reverse cards after the memorizing phase (12-42 boxes) game
- a "nightmare game" returns horizontally the grid after the memorizing phase (12-42 boxes)
- a "mentalist game" where you have to answer the question "where is this pair ?" after the memorizing phase (12-42 boxes)
- combo system
- bonus time
- 4 Party saved with his career, his record-success
- statistics by game type

Try Memory lightning, the lightning guaranteed!
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