NanoHaxThis is basically an arcade game where your goal is to catch small orbs with your flower shaped tube and avoid these orbs hitting your base core.

This creation is inspired by a game called Nanotube, but has it's gameplay modified a bit from the original.
Use your keyboard to control your cog/tube by moving it left or right so the upcoming orbs will be caught

on the highlighted parts of your tube. However, you must avoid the orbs hitting your core.
As the level progress, you have to activate a special
shield to capture and absorb a second type of

orb so the game that starts pretty basic turns into a much more difficult pace.
The game ends if the player's core suffers too many hits.

Left/Right - Move Tube
Z - Absorb faster/Regenerate life
X - Activate yellow orb absorber
C - To use a Cluster Bomb to clean a big mass of orbs[id]http://games.mochiads.com/c/g/nanohax/nanohax-swf.swf?affiliate_id=4cef20d9623f787d[/id]
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