Talo and the spiritStory :
Gajah Tunga is a patih in the kingdom. His destiny has been written in madoma book and everyone has known it. He won't eat Talo unless he has dominated all nusantara.

Description :
This is a real time strategy game. You're sending army and supporting by archery. There are 5 stage which each stage has different 3 mode and that means there are 15 stage you can finish. Your kingdom is attacked so you have to defend it but you also have to fight back. Maybe you send army in all lane and get the victory or you defend in early with tower to deposit your gold and fight back when it is enough. Something like that.

Feature :
- 12 Acievements (more in next version)
- Upgrade and star
- 5 stage which each has 3 mode
- Level up, meteor, and special character
- Normal and hard stage to choose
- Save and load game
- Click to shoot as an archer
- Space and click on a lane to send army
- Level up, meteor, and special character in under the right screen (when playing stage)
- Soldier, archer, tanker, and tower in under the left screen (when playing stage)
- Pray before play[id]http://games.mochiads.com/c/g/talo-and-the-spirit/mochiVersion.swf?affiliate_id=4cef20d9623f787d[/id]