Winx Adventure QuestsConcert Disaster is the permanent game available every month. In Concert Disaster, the evil Trix have stolen all the musical notes. The Winx must have all their music before they go on stage in 3 minutes! Can you help them find their music?

Winx Club Adventure Quests are hidden object games -- A new adventure every month! A new Bonus RPG Game editor lets you create your very own Winx Quests Adventurers. Invite your friends to play your game you created!

Winx Club Adventure Quests and Concert Disaster are a single mega-game collection for Winx Club fansites from PBMCube.
- New Gallery: Vote for your favorite adventures.
- Quest Editor - Build your own Winx Club Adventures and invite your friends.
- New Bonus RPG Game; attend school, meet friends in Gardenia
- challenge your friends for highest international score
- 36 languages available.
Use mouse to drag the magnifying glass into the proper position. Click when hidden items glow.
In RPG adventure editor, use mouse and keyboard to create your game.[id]http://games.mochiads.com/c/g/winx-monthly-quests/wc_adventures-CS6f10as3_v2.3.2.swf?affiliate_id=4cef20d9623f787d[/id]